Student Handbooks & Code of Conduct

Farmersville ISD Code of Conduct:
This Student Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Farmersville ISD Board of Trustees and developed with the advice of the district-level committee. This Code provides information to parents and students regarding standards of conduct, consequences of misconduct, and procedures for administering discipline. It remains in effect during summer school and at all school-related events and activities outside the school year until an updated version adopted by the board becomes effective for the next school year.
Farmersville ISD Handbooks:
Education is a team effort. Students, parents, teachers, and other staff members working together will make this a successful year. The Farmersville ISD Student Handbook is a general reference guide that is divided into two sections:
  • Section One: Parental Rights describes certain parental rights as specified in state or federal law.
  • Section Two: Other Important Information for Parents and Students is organized alphabetically by topic. Where applicable, the topics are further organized by grade level.