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FISD Substitute Teachers

Individuals interested in applying as a substitute teacher for Farmersville ISD must complete the following process in order to be hired as a substitute.
1. Complete an application on Teacher Job Network. Substitute teacher positions can be found under the sub-heading substitute.
2. Complete all background checks and fingerprinting processes.
3. Review the Farmersville ISD online Substitute Teacher Orientation Presentation.
4. Once you have reviewed the Farmersville ISD online Substitute Teacher Orientation Presentation, fill out the Farmersville ISD Orientation Attestation form. Please note that submitting this form does not serve as a replacement for completing the application process. All potential substitutes still need to complete the full application on TeacherJobNet and finish all required background check and fingerprinting processes.
5. Read and review that Farmersville ISD Substitute Teacher handbook.
All applicants must complete all of the above prior to being assigned as a substitute.
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