A Message from the Farmersville ISD Police Department:


Welcome to the Farmersville ISD Police Department's website. We are excited to open up a new avenue of communication with the students, staff, faculty, parents, and visitors. 

Our Internet presence reflects our department's community policing philosophy and our commitment to providing the best service possible.

The mission of the Farmersville ISD Police Department is to protect life and property, support a positive academic environment, and provide safe and secure campuses to our community.

The responsibility for the overall direction and focus of law enforcement and crime prevention rests with the Office of the Chief of Police.

We will be planning for the implementation of additional community policing efforts in the near future. We rely heavily upon faculty, staff members, students, and parents to assist the Police Department in its efforts to maintain safe and secure campuses by reporting suspicious activity and Student Code of Conduct violations.

We hope you find our website useful and informative. As special topics or problems arise, we will make every attempt to make that information available. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I look forward to working together to create a safe and secure environment for our children and youth.

The safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff is always at the top of our agenda at Farmersville ISD. There is a continued effort by the FISD Police Department in keeping our campuses safe and secure. In order to achieve these safer environments, we request that you read any new information carefully. We ask that you use the information to help foster a safe environment for you, your co-workers, fellow students and other guests.

The FISD Police Department is fully authorized as a police agency by the State of Texas, and all FISD school district officers are commissioned by the State of Texas. School district police officers are authorized to enforce all laws and may arrest individuals found in violations of those laws. Additionally, officers may write appropriate citations for offenses covered by State law, including offenses listed in the Texas Education Code. These citations are filed with the Justice of the Peace or Municipal Court having jurisdiction.

School District Officer(s) answer calls for service throughout the district and provides other functions as needed. Officer(s) may be assigned to a particular school campus, while other officer(s) patrol the district and responding where needed. The FISD officers are well-trained professionals who work together as a team, adapt to changing environments, and reflect the values of the Farmersville Independent School District in carrying out our assignments.