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Mission Statement & Creed

Mission Statement:
Steeped in tradition, pride, and unity, Farmersville ISD fights to provide every student the foundation to fulfill their potential so they will have  the opportunity and confidence to dream big.

The Farmer Creed:
I believe in education which trains my mind to absorb knowledge and my hands to work skillfully. 
I believe in the value of honest work and that hard work will always be rewarded.
I believe in tradition, pride, and unity so I may follow the footsteps of those before me and lead those who come after.
I believe in respecting my fellow man regardless of the differences we may have.
I believe in serving my community by "doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God".
And because Fightin' Farmers believe in these things, I'm proud to call myself a Fightin' Farmer.