Joe bus driver
Are you looking for a fun job where you can make a difference in someone's day? Become a Farmersville ISD bus driver!
Our bus drivers enjoy:
  • -- 4-Day Work Week (only drive when our students are in school. See our 2024-2025 School Calendar here)
  • -- Earning Competitive Pay
  • -- Receiving Bonuses
  • -- Being a part of the FISD Farmer Family
  • -- Having Single Routes (single routes = shorter drive times)
  • -- Having opportunities to Earn EXTRA Income

Do you want to be a BUS DRIVER but you don't have a CDL License?
Farmersville ISD will pay the cost for you to obtain a CDL License. FISD will also train you and help you through the CDL licensing process. 

Farmersville ISD Bus Transportation: 
The district makes school bus transportation available to all students living two or more miles from school and to any students who are experiencing homelessness. This service is provided at no cost to students. Bus routes and stops will be designated annually. Any subsequent changes will be posted at the school and on the district’s website. For the safety of the driver and all passengers, students must board district vehicles only at authorized stops and drivers must unload passengers only at authorized stops. A parent may designate a child-care facility or grandparent’s residence as the regular pickup and drop-off location for his or her child. The designated location must be an approved stop on an approved route.
For information on bus routes and stops or to designate an alternate pickup or drop-off location, contact the Director of Operations at 972-782-7244.
Students are expected to assist district staff in ensuring that buses and other district vehicles are clean and safe. When riding in district vehicles, students are held to behavioral standards established in this handbook and the Student Code of Conduct.
Students must:
● Follow the driver’s directions at all times.
● Enter and leave the vehicle in an orderly manner at the designated stop.
● Keep feet, books, instrument cases, and other objects out of the aisle.
● Not deface the vehicle or its equipment.
● Not put head, hands, arms, or legs out of the window, hold any object out of the window, or throw objects within or out of the vehicle.
● Not possess or use any form of tobacco or e-cigarettes in any district vehicle.
● Observe all usual classroom rules.
● Be seated while the vehicle is moving.
● Fasten their seat belts, if available.
● Wait for the driver’s signal upon leaving the vehicle and before crossing in front of the vehicle.
● Follow any other rules established by the operator of the vehicle.
Misconduct will be punished in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, including loss of the privilege to ride in a district vehicle.

FISD allows any secondary student to ride a bus from either secondary campus to the Intermediate School to avoid having to cross State Highway 78. Elementary students can ride the bus from Tatum or the Intermediate School to the High School to avoid crossing Highway 78.