Farmersville ISD

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Superintendent's Message

A new school year will begin on August 14th for Farmersville ISD. This date also marks my 20th first day of school as your superintendent and I am still proud to be a farmer. We are eager to greet, meet and begin working with our students. We continually strive to provide a well-rounded and quality education in a safe environment. It's important to recognize each student as unique with special gifts. We offer a wide range of activities to unwrap those gifts and enhance student experiences. We extend an invitation to the community to support the activities and celebrate the successes of our students.
Safety and education are top priorities every day as we build tomorrow’s leaders. Regardless of the challenges presented by an ever-changing world and a growing community, the security of our students and staff remains a priority. We appreciate your participation and compliance when necessary. 
This year, we hope you will join our students’ journey through academic and extra-curricular activities. Please take opportunities to promote the value of education, attend school events, and be a loyal Farmer Fan. Our hope is that each student will create memorable moments, fulfill lifelong dreams and gain meaningful employment. Our dedicated faculty will press forward until the good is better, and the better is best! We are anticipating another great year and we welcome you to join us on the Farmers’ journey for the 2019-20 school year.
Jeff Adams, Superintendent