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An employee who has exhausted all paid leave and who suffers from a catastrophic illness or injury or is absent due to the catastrophic illness or injury of a member of the employee’s immediate family may request the establishment of a sick leave pool, to which District employees may donate only local leave for use by the eligible employee. See Board Policy DEC (LOCAL)
A castasrophic illness or injury is an illness or injury meeting the requirements of FMLA.
Sick Leave Pool Procedures:
When all available paid leave is used, the full daily rate of pay will be deducted for each day absent. The voluntary sick leave pool was created to help individual employees during this time of need.
  1. Employees may contribute no more than five (5) local days to the sick leave pool per school year.
  2. Employees may contribute no more than two (2) local days to any one pool without an approved exception from the Superintendent or Designee. Any contributed unused sick leave pool days will be credited back to the donors in reverse order of contribution date.
  3. The pool will be used for illness/injury meeting the requirements for FMLA (employee or immediate family member) only. Pregnancy with complications will be an allowable use of the pool.
  4. An employee may receive a maximum of ten (10) days from the sick leave pool.
  5. The sick leave pool shall cease to exist when the recipient returns to work or the ten (10) day limit has expired.
Procedures for Contributing to the Pool:
  1. The Assistant Superintendent of School Finance will be the contact person for the voluntary pool.
  2. Forms for donating days can be found on the FISD website, or the FISD Business Office.
  3. A completed FISD Sick Leave Pool donation form must be sent to the FISD BusinessOffice.