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Advances in technology and digital learning are enhancing education. Communities in the 21st Century are increasingly interconnected globally. As an educational institution, Farmersville ISD is responsible for preparing students to participate in this new world community and to serve as leaders in using the power and potential of technology as tools for growth and learning. Learners need to be proficient in communicating, collaborating, creating, thinking critically, and highly efficient in applying information to solve real world problems.
FISD is committed to creating transformative learning environments. All FISD faculty have iPads and all students have access to iPads and/or Chromebooks to connect to each other, to school resources, and to the internet at any time and in any location. With equitable access, technology provides an avenue for student choice, student voice, and an opportunity for teachers to provide differentiated learning experiences.
Technology Services
Manage, operate and maintain the FISD wide area network including Internet, Intranet, wireless access, firewall, connectivity, network electronics, phone systems, security access, camera systems, and district communications. 
Manage and operate network file servers including domain controllers, web servers, business and student databases (TxEIS and Gradebook databases and web servers), email, time clock, file/print services, food service, library services, Internet content filtering, and all file server applications.
Manage, maintain,integrate and support all network and application software and hardware on end-user devices including desktops, laptops, iPads, Chrome Books, and all other devices that run on and connect to the network.
Acquisition, Assets, and Sustainability - Purchase all technology hardware and software, track and manage technology assets, and provide technology service and repair for all technology devices including software, hardware, and peripherals.
David Osinski
Executive Director of Technology
501A North State Hwy 78
Farmersville, TX 75442
Ph. 972-782-6601
Fax. 972-784-7293
John Paul Salazar
IT Support
Fran Mahaffey
Instructional Technology Facilitator