Welcome to the FISD Library

There are different types of resources available in the library - some may be checked out, and others must be used in the library. See your librarian for specifics.

  • Reference section - The reference books are shelved together, and are sometimes available for check-out (ask your librarian about this). These include encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, thesauruses, and various books on specific topics (such as period histories, U.S. Presidents, etc.)
  • Biographies - Biographies are shelved together, and are alphabetized by the last name of the SUBJECT (not the actual author).
  • Nonfiction - Nonfiction books are shelved together, and are organized according to the Dewey decimal system.
  • Periodicals - Magazines (periodicals) are shelved on the magazine rack. Some may be checked out - ask your librarian for titles and details.
The Dewey decimal system is organized into ten main classes:
     000 Computer science, information & general works
     100 Philosophy & psychology
     200 Religion
     300 Social sciences
     400 Language
     500 Science
     600 Technology
     700 Arts & recreation
     800 Literature
     900 History & geography

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Search the Library Catalogs:
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1.  Select which campus library you wish to search.

2.  Enter your search term.
Note: Be specific in the type of search you make. Use "Author" search if you know the name of the author. Use "Title" if you know any word of the title you're looking for. Or use "Subject" to search for a book on a specific topic. Using the "Keyword" search includes them all, and will generate the most hits. In the example with searching "child": any book with the word "child" in the name will come up... as will any books on the topic of "child labor"... or any books written by Tara Lynn Childs!

3.  Use the search results to see the availability of the book, and use the call number to locate the book in the library.
Check with the librarian to find the section of the library: fiction, biography, nonfiction, etc.
Click the image below for the Rike Public Library Online Catalog.
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The Rike Public Library in Farmersville also has access to online resources. See their library staff about access to Accelerated Reader Enterprise, Freading, Learning Express, Mango Languages, Project Gutenberg, and TexShare Databases.
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