Farmersville High School Cheerleaders Come Out on Top!

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Farmersville High School Cheerleaders recently competed in the UIL Spirit State Championships. Last year, our FHS Cheerleaders competed at the same competition. They made it to the State Finals for the first time in school history and ultimately placed 15th out of 51 teams. They left with a determined mindset to work hard and come back next year better and stronger. 
That is exactly what our Farmersville High School Cheerleading Squad did! They have worked hard all year in preparation for the January UIL Spirit State Championships. After putting everything they had on the mat, our FHS cheerleaders were invited to compete in the State Finals again. Despite their excitement and nerves, our cheerleaders gave it all they had! They were awarded third place in State for the very first time in school history!
We couldn't be more proud of each and every member of FHS cheer. And we are looking forward to next year's UIL Spirit State Championships! Congratulations FHS Cheer! Go Farmers!
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Farmersville High School Cheerleading makes school history again by becoming the first FHS cheer squad to medal at the Texas UIL Spirit State Championships.

Between Thursday, January 4, and Saturday, January 6, 585 teams across Texas traveled to Fort Worth to compete in the Texas UIL Spirit State Championships. Each team took to the mat, hoping to move past the preliminary round. For the second consecutive year, FHS Cheer did just that.

In the preliminaries, there are three components of the competition:

  • Band chant (a dance to pep-band music including easy-to-follow callbacks (worth up to 50 points))
  • Crowd leading (a standard cheer (worth up to 90 points))
  • A fight song (worth up to 70 points)

Each element is limited to one minute and should include callbacks (to encourage crowd participation) and props (like signs, megaphones, flags, and pom poms). During the band chant, the only skills permitted are jumps. The crowd-leading portion may contain stunts and tumbling throughout. However, in the fight song portion of the competition, skills are limited to three consecutive eight-counts. Two judges judge each component individually, and the judges' scores are averaged and totaled. The top 20 scoring teams (from each division) become State Finalists.

Following the announcement of the 210 State Finalists, Farmersville Cheer prepared to retake the mat for the final time. The final round includes the same three components as the preliminary round and a new element. This element is a situational cue the team must respond to quickly and correctly. The Farmersville High School Cheer team executed the band chant beautifully, and immediately after the music stopped, they waited for the cue. "The Farmers need a big stop here; let's hold 'em," blared over the speakers, and immediately the squad began chanting. "Defense forks up! Hold that line." Next came crowdleading, followed by the FHS fight song." 

The Farmersville High School cheer team felt pressure and nerves going into finals. Despite the pressure of wanting to complete their goal of placing in the top ten, they executed a powerful routine that helped them maintain the third-place position they were in as they entered the finals. 

"Earning third place out of 53 amazing teams feels like a dream," stated Coach Katie Vance, Farmersville High School Head Cheerleading Coach. "I couldn't be more proud of these kids and their work ethic, drive, and focus. They extend kindness to one another while also holding each other accountable. This group of students is special, and I will miss our eight 2024 seniors who helped create this beautiful team dynamic. Forks up!"