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Keyboarding & Digital Literacy

Keyboarding  - this site may be used "as is", or see Fran for information about setting up classes to save data. For Chromebooks, the TypingClub app may be downloaded to provide a direct link to the site.
Links to grade-level accounts (must have username and password to access):
Digital Citizenship & Digital Literacy
Common Sense Media ( has a huge variety of lesson plans and teacher resources available, in addition to parent and family guides. 
Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence -
Note: Each "band" covers three grade levels, with one unit per grade level. There are five lessons per unit, with topics spiraling through the grades.
You can download a PDF of the scope and sequence HERE.
Digital Citizenship Games (from Common Sense Media) -
Digital Citizenship Posters (from Common Sense Media) -