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Formative Assessment

Elementary campuses use All In Learning, while secondary uses eInstruction's Insight 360. Here are some frequently-used procedures and tips / tricks for teachers using these products.
All In Learning
First time use of All In Learning on computer:
1. Go to in Chrome and login
2. Select “Use All In Response On the Fly”
3. Install AIL extension - 3 clicks
4. Once installed, it will go back to install window --> AIL plugin download - go through wizard
5. Close and restart Chrome, go to

Setting Up Aware Data
1. Login to AIL
2. Settings Wheel --> Manage Account
3. Aware --> Edit Aware credentials - enter Aware login / password [look for “credentials saved”]
4. Settings Wheel --> Sync with Aware

Using All In Learning on iPad:
1. Load app - “Assist” (free from AppStore)

To Print Student Answer Documents
Student Roster --> Print --> select type of bubble sheet desired

Create Answer Key
1. Lessons / Assessments tab --> Create New --> Build Assessment Key
2. Enter Title / grade / subjects / description --> Next
3. Insert Question - type / # of answer choices / “Insert Standards Toolbar” (select TEKS)
4. Fill in answers for each question, then edit TEKS for each question
5. Click “Save Assessment”

Scoring Answer Sheets
1. Lessons / Assessments --> Activate --> Scan bubble sheets
2. Select class
3. Scan with doc camera or iPad (can do vertically or horizontally)

Share Assessments with Others
1. Select assessment
2. Actions --> Share
3. Select PLC group --> Confirm
--->> Note: Creator of assessment must make any edits or revisions
Upload Scores from AIL to txGradebook
All In Learning Help Page
Using Clickers
1. “On the Fly” - project question from website, or worksheet on document camera
2. “Start Question” - student responses change color when entered
3. “End Question” - chart of student responses - select correct response to grade question
4. “End Session”  Reports  Select session title for item analysis
5. Actions  Edit Key & Standards  Add Standards - TEKS for each item
6. Save and return to Reports  Standards Analysis for item analysis
--->>Note: Under “Options”, turn off cumulative score and response chart

Progress Tracking
Reports tab - far right = Progress Tracker
1. Select class session from left and drag to Progress Tracker column on right
2. Select class session from Progress Tracker column to see data

Insight 360 - eInstruction
Change device number on ResponseCard NXT:
1. Press the Enter button to "wake-up" device
2. Press right function key (below the Wrench icon)
3. Use right arrow to scroll to "Device Info" and press "Enter"
4. Press "Channel" button twice, then "ABC" button, then "Enter"
5. Enter the desired ID number