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Resources for New Teachers - New Year


FISD is a Google Apps for Education district, utilizing all of the G-Suite apps.

FISD staff have access to a number of technology resources, including iPads, Chromebooks, interactive whiteboards, classroom technology, and productivity programs. The Instructional Technology Dept can help with acquiring & fixing hardware, and installing & training for software.
See Fran for the Google Classroom code to our step-by-step instructions for setting up accounts to start the new year. Or use the links below if you just need a quick "cheat sheet" refresher!

The Eduphoria suite of services contains our lesson planner (Forethought) and student assessment data (Aware), as well as the teacher self-evaluation portion of T-TESS (Strive).

Access Eduphoria here

​Eduphoria: Forethought - New School Year Set-Up: Step-by-Step


Teachers take attendance and keep grades through TxGradebook, accessible through the FISD website, or directly from

​The txGradebook application consists of the following processes:
  1. Self Register and Log on
  2. Set up Categories and Assignments [Settings --> Administer Categories]
  3. Post and View Attendance [Attendance --> Post/View Attendance]
  4. Enter and Post Grades [Settings --> Administer Assignment ~ Grades --> Assignment Grades
  5. Accept Transfer Students